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Vintage Tibilinas are decorative natural fiber dolls measuring approximately 26cm. They are perfect to give a nostalgic charm to your bookcase, your home office, the children’s room, or your favorite environment. These charming dolls are also great playmates for children; they love to play afternoon tea or picnic! They are fragrant, charming and adorable.

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Tibilinas are made with natural and sustainable materials, nationally produced and imported from Europe and North America, used by dollmakers around the world. The natural fibers of cotton, wool and linen are warm, resistant and long-lasting.

What people are saying

* Hi, my God what perfection!!! Too gorgeous… I am enchanted… and very happy!

Yes, they arrived and they arrived beautiful and perfect… I am hoping to go to my granddaughter and take a picture… thank you so much for caring… my girls are going crazy for them.

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